Cloud Nine
I realise how lucky we’ve been and continue to be, and how important that is. The kind of fans I have are those who allow the songs to be part of their lives; indeed, it’s as if the songs aren’t mine anymore. Do I feel a sense of ownership over the songs? I kind of feel that as soon as you’ve played a song to one other person, then it’s something you share together. And when I play it live, in front of an audience, it’s not mine anymore. It remains close to me, but it’s not solely mine. Except the royalties, of course, which are totally mine!
- Ben Howard


"I think the only conscious choice in that was to record near home so that we could have some home time. We were recording quite a lot, just to be at home and have a little time and space and not have any pressures off of other people. It’s been glamorized a little bit as this disheveled little cowshed in the middle of nowhere since it’s out in the countryside and it didn’t have too many amenities and stuff, but it was time and space for us, really. We had electricity and we’d just chuck loads of stuff in there. We brought a desk in and our own microphones and stuff, and just made sure we had a lot of time. We probably had too much. It took about a year and a half to record the album. It took way too long, but it was good. I think it was one of those things where time can be a real burden sometimes when you’ve got lots of it. And as musicians, you’re always perfectionists, so there were always extra little bits we wanted to put in there while having a blast. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding as well. It was an epic experience."

Ben Howard at T in the Park


now this is a race i know i’ll get the gold in

lmao dude was in last and still made it to the top, good ol three strokes

'When Ben waves at u, ya gotta just wave back' [x]